Passive (Modules only)

//Passive (Modules only)

Passive (Modules only)


Control how much you hear with this pack, which includes two sets of interchangeable modules: Blank and filtered (Passives).

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The Passive (Modules only) includes 2 sets of modules, Blanks and Passives:

The Vario Blanks module reduces ambient sound by an average of 29dB providing hearing protection and allowing you to concentrate with minimum interruption. A great option for clay pigeon shoot offs where maximum concentration is required.

The Vario Passives module provide you with hearing protection whilst allowing you to hear speech, using filters which reduce noise above 70dB by an average of 29dB. You can hear referees clearly whilst remaining protected from gunshot noise.

With interchangeable modules, you can continue to build your collection without having to commit too much up front. You can buy expansion packages to give you Shooting electronic and Bluetooth music modules. They simply clip in the plugs you have. It also allows you to keep up to date with the latest modules as they are released, without replacing the whole unit.

What’s included:
1 set of blank modules
1 set of filtered modules.
1 case
User Guide
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
2 Year Warranty