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Why Vario? 2017-08-03T11:26:19+00:00

Vario is an advanced new modular system that brings you cost-effective, flexible and exciting custom hearing protection.

Everything you need in just one set

The Vario modular hearing protection system has a multitude of features, including:

Custom ear plug set with modules that can work in all settings

New technology giving you the versatility of Bluetooth and advanced communications

Try before you buy

30-day money back guarantee

Flexibility to add additional modules to keep up with latest technological developments

For the first time, the Vario system offers you the opportunity to customise your hearing protection requirements to any scenario. By simply changing the insert module, you can now…

Reduce ambient sound to a minimum

Electronically enhance ambient sound

Filter loud noise whilst enhancing speech

Listen to music via cable (and 3.5mm jack)

Listen to music, or communicate, via Vario’s cutting-edge Bluetooth technology

Attach your Vario module to a communications radio

Use your Vario system to make and receive phone calls

The Vario system is ideal for a multitude of settings including game/clay shooting, workplace, gym, motorcycling, travel and much more.